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Rocky Mountain Food Webs

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- The Food Web -

This page contains the actual food web picture. We might explain it later on.

The Decomposers: (in this case, the Grubs) will eventually devour everything because they (*cue drum roll*) DECOMPOSE! They will devour the skeletons and the left over meat, of dead animals or whats left of plants.
The carnivores: In our group their are about 5-6 top carnivores. They are obvious on our picture, by the highlighted boxes with their name in it. They eat basically everything.
The Omnivores: They eat both meat AND plants. There are a lot of these in our food web. If you look on our information page, you will see who is an omnivore.

The herbivores:  The herbivores eat only plants. These would include Big Horn Sheep, Mountain Goats, Pika, and the insects.

The producers: These are plants. They are the food for herbivores, which will eventually be eaten by the omnivores/carnivores. The producers are a source of oxygen, and feed themselves with PHOTOSYNTHESIS.


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